Benefits of Yoga

Why Do Yoga? Yoga is a real buzz word these days, everyone’s trying it or doing it and there are many types and styles and many ways to do yoga. Here are a few of the benefits that you can experience from a weekly or regular Hatha yoga practice: 1. Increased Flexibility Hatha yoga is … Read more

Delicious Detox Retreat!

Besides Yoga in Galway, one of my absolutely favorite weekends is running healthy retreats where there is an abundance of yummy healthy foods to indulge in. Food that tastes great and benefits and detoxes the body. Yoga classes, meditation, breathing techniques and more; held in beautiful secluded locations in Galway and Mayo. When not doing … Read more

Mens Yoga Galway

Due to the number of requests I am facilitating a mens class. Something that I love is when mothers bring their daughters to class and I am hoping this may happen with fathers and sons. Maybe even sons could bring their fathers, who knows! Wednesday: 6:15 – 7:15pm 8 Weeks: €80 [button url=”/contact-mens-yoga” target=”_self” size=”small” … Read more

Pregnancy Yoga Galway

Having given birth from home, worked through my pregnancy and trained as a Doula (birthing partner), I feel a strong desire to support pregnant women and mothers. This is a deeply relaxing and gentle class for mothers to connect with their bodies, their breath and their babies and can be taken at any stage of … Read more

Last Kids Yoga Camp

What a great time we’ve had at the kids yoga camps, I wish it didn’t have to come to an end this week. We’ve had such a magnificent time.  It’s been busy! Kids of all ages have been learning to meditate through sitting, listening, lying with stories, chanting, breathing techniques and stretches. They’ve had their … Read more