Interesting facts about anxiety and stress

Heart pounding, breathing increasing and breaking out in a sweat are all signs that we are feeling stress. Many people feel this experience and start to panic, becoming anxious and worried. Repeatedly having this stress response in the body has created an awareness of stress causing sickness over time and even premature death. Yet why … Read more

Why Mindfulness doesn’t always work?

mindfulness galway

Mindfulness workshops, yoga, meditation, cd’s, books, classes, courses – for some reason not everyone just naturally falls into a space of deep peace when they make efforts to practice mindfulness. As a yoga and meditation teacher and psychotherapist Aisling Uí Riada has worked and practiced with people for over twelve years in the area of … Read more

Benefits of Yoga

Why Do Yoga? Yoga is a real buzz word these days, everyone’s trying it or doing it and there are many types and styles and many ways to do yoga. Here are a few of the benefits that you can experience from a weekly or regular Hatha yoga practice: 1. Increased Flexibility Hatha yoga is … Read more