Last Kids Yoga Camp

What a great time we’ve had at the kids yoga camps, I wish it didn’t have to come to an end this week.

We’ve had such a magnificent time.  It’s been busy! Kids of all ages have been learning to meditate through sitting, listening, lying with stories, chanting, breathing techniques and stretches.

They’ve had their senses stimulated with movement, music, breath and nature.  We have gathered rocks, leaves, twigs, feathers and flowers from the gardens and meditated with them.

They painted beautiful mandalas and opened up their creative sides.  They have practised many yoga poses from the salutations to the sun, turning into animals and acting them out, like the snake, lion, dog, frog, butterfly, warrior, cat, tiger, elephant,  and even became candles and hot air balloons.



Here are a few pictures of the last group,

our biggest and calmest group yet!  These bunch are surprisingly Zen already, making our job all the more fun!

Big thanks to Helena Hennigan, Linda Martin, Jarlath Reidy & Barbra Cashen without whom these camps could not come to fruition : )



For those interested Kids yoga classes will commence throughout the year in the Ardilaun on Wednesdays at 3:30Pm, EUR50 for an 8 week course, beginning in September.