Interesting facts about anxiety and stress

Heart pounding, breathing increasing and breaking out in a sweat are all signs that we are feeling stress. Many people feel this experience and start to panic, becoming anxious and worried. Repeatedly having this stress response in the body has created an awareness of stress causing sickness over time and even premature death. Yet why is it that two people can have the exact same stress and yet their physical outcomes can be completely different. Recent Harvard research has shown that the internal mental belief system of the person experiencing the stress dramatically affects the outcome in the body. People who enjoy the experience and are driven and energized by it are healthier and live longer.

How you think about stress matters.
Breathing faster is increasing oxygen to your brain and when you feel your heart rate increase due to stress, if you think positively and see this response as your bodies intelligence rising to the challenge of the stress, then your body believes you and its reaction to the stress becomes healthier, less anxious and more confident.

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