Positive Psychology Workshop

Positive Psychology Workshop

Positive psychology is the study of positive experiences and personal development. It focuses less on problems and more on achieving worthwhile wellbeing for ourselves. This workshop focuses on what is common, relatable and frequently observed in a therapeutic setting and in our daily lives. Backed up by research, these are key tools that I have studied and used in my practice over the ye

Health is no longer just about pulling ourselves out of negative places. Psychosynthesis and positive psychology are some modalities that explore our potential beyond recovery. We have a real opportunity to live and feel well, to know ourselves and be empowered and content. We can not only survive, but also thrive as Maya Angelou says. But we have to look both inside and outside to get it, take it and own it. With well informed self care, we can attain a healthy state within ourselves, our relationships and our lives. Note: this video is not a substitute for actual therapy. It aims to provide understanding and techniques to use in the absence of therapy.


My new book G.R.A.C.E. is completed and I’m working to either find a suitable publisher or publish it myself. You can use this link to be added to a list. I’ll notify you when the book becomes available. My intention is to just send a single e-mail when the book becomes available and then leave it at that.

G.R.A.C.E. takes the most common parts of the therapy experience and attemps to make them accessible in a book. While not a replacement for therapy, it should help the reader learn about how change happens for people who come to therapy.

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