Therapy for Anxiety and Trauma


Worry, confusion, unease, nervousness, depression, apprehension, tension, stress, panic, fear, agitation, eagerness, impatience, yearning are just a few of the many symptoms of Anxiety or stress. Anxiety and Trauma can often be interconnected.

Overall it can be exhausting to be switched on all the time and in a heightened state of alert.  There is often a feeling of constant pressure and that ones just not doing enough or good enough.

The road back from Anxiety, depending on current life stresses and depending on the level of anxiety can be a long one.

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In this work you will learn:

  • Tools and techniques to deal with your particular stresses
  • How to slow down and become more mindful
  • Breathing techniques
  • Sleep support where necessary
  • Digestive aids if necessary

My training includes MA Psychotherapy, Jungian Psychology & Art therapy, Supervision, Trauma Therapy, Mindfulness Facilitation, Couples Therapy, Group Facilitation and Lecturing.

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