Optimum Health Trainers

We are incredibly lucky to have a group of highly inspired, dedicated and highly qualified teachers training on our courses.  Some of our regular teachers are detailed below.

Aisling Reidy – Hatha yoga, mindfulness & more

Aisling has been teaching yoga for over 15 years, having trained initially in India.  She is a fully qualified sports injury therapist, nutritionist, psychotherapist, mindfulness practitioner and much more.  Aisling runs recognised qualifications in Yoga teacher training, sports massage, massage, nutrition & counselling.

With twenty years of meditation and practice, she brings an awareness of all her studies, practice and experience to her classes and sees yoga as a meditation in motion, focusing on the breath and the therapeutic aspect of the movements.
Aisling training has been vast, over the last 20 years she has trained and practiced with many, many great teachers from across the globe.

Paul Hardiman – Partner Yoga

Paul has been practicing yoga since 1994.  With a marital arts background he shifted his focus to yoga after being introduced to it by Katrina. He continued his practice of yoga in Los Angeles in a variety of styles having fun with teachers Steve Ross and Kathryn Budig, eventually leading to his teacher training with Yogaworks in Santa Monica under the guidance of Malachi Melville, Birgitte Kristen, Anne Van Valkenburg and Colleen Garrity. His yoga is inspired by the classical Ashtanga, Iyengar and Viniyoga schools, all in the lineage of Krishnamacharya complemented by Alan Finger’s deep knowledge of meditation and the subtle body.  He has expanded his interests to Thai Yoga Massage and his classes tend to be strong and energetic with a Qi Gong influence, and always with a light hearted approach.


Linda Martin – Kundalini Yoga

Linda has been teaching Kundalini yoga for several years and will do a five session course over the three days on Compassion based yoga.  She teaches a range of classes and workshops that follow the flow of this style.  She has worked with kids and taught kids yoga and has practiced Krioas, cleanses and detoxes extensively.



Daryl Belmore – Massage & Sports Massage

Daryl started his career in health and wellness by qualifying to be a fitness instructor in 2001. In 2002 he qualified as a massage therapist, and then went on to study sports injuries. spending time training and treating various teams. From 2005 he started to work full time in the spa industry and has over 11 years experience working as a senior therapist, trainer and eventually spa manager.  His expert treatments include a luxurious deep massage, reflexology, sports massage & more.

Bridget Wing – Nutrition & Sports Nutrition

Bridget has had a lifelong interest in alternative health and different modalities for taking care of one’s health using homeopathy, herbs, healthy eating and natural home remedies.

She completed her nutrition diploma with IHS (formally ICIM) in Galway. She has since completed a course in Functional Sports nutrition and numerous trainings in different nutrition and health related areas.

Interests in sport and fitness have changed and increased also through her life. Brigit lives a life with the ethos and lifestyle of healthy living and complementary medicines for family and the changes and challenges faced though modern life.
Orna Canavan – Ayurveda

Founder practitioner of Ayurveda Galway, Orna has always been interested in alternative medicine.¬†With over 15 years of training,¬†Orna has spent years studying in the UK, India and Sri Lanka and has participated in internships with Dr. Vasant Lad and Dr Sucheta Godbole in Pune, and has spent two winters working in retreat centres in Goa. She gained a deep understanding of Ayurvedic herbs while working for an organic ayurvedic herbal company in UK www.pukkaherbs.com. Orna is the tutor for their distance learning course ‚ÄėAn Introduction to Ayurveda‚Äô. BA (Hons) Ayurvedic Studies, Dip. Ayurvedic Medicine, Certificate in Ayurvedic massage (International Institute of Ayurveda) & ITEC distinction in Anatomy, Physiology & Massage.


Eilis O’Regan Ashtanga Yoga

Began her¬†journey with¬†Ashtanga nearly 14¬†years ago. Initially she¬†was mesmerised by the physical benefits of yoga, such as strength and flexibility ‚Äď it took time and awareness to reap the subtle benefits from a regular yoga practice. ¬†Eilis¬†practice’s Mysore-style Ashtanga yoga.

Eilis¬†has been teaching for ten years. ¬†She¬†teach’s ¬†Ashtanga led and Mysore classes, restorative/gentle classes based on the Ashtanga primary series and principles to suit all ages and abilities.


Aileen Slein – Hatha Yoga

I first qualified as a yoga teacher in 2007, now I am a intermediate level 3 iyengar teacher presently working towards my senior certification. I was diagnosed as a child with scoliosis and spent a lot of my teens and early twenties with orthopaedic surgeons and physiotherapists. I came to yoga and specifically iyengar yoga and discovered I could fix my own spine and this was the start of a journey. It started from a physical perspective and has grown into a spiritual practice. As bks iyengar has said yoga is a practice through the known, our bodies to the unknown, spirit, atman, soul, consciousness.

Iyengar yoga focuses on the alignment of each asana we use props to help all practitioners to be in the pose correctly, to learn stability within the body nervous systems and mind to stay in the asana and therefore feel the benefits of the pose safely. Bks iyengar became one of the leading yoga teachers and developed a system of yoga which is known as iyengar yoga and a indepth teacher training programme.

I have been fortunate enough to of been taught by some of the leading senior iyengar teachers including geeta iyengar, abhajta iyengar, jawahar bangreha, fiaq biria, corine biria. I spent three years in India practicing in riskiesh with usha devi senior iyengar teacher. I am constantly growing in my practice which every day is a new beginning and I am very lucky to have the guidance of my teacher Christina nieowla in Manchester.