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Galway Yoga Festival 2024

September 8th, Knocknacarra Community Centre

Room 1 Schedule
10amAisling ReidyWelcome & Orientation
10:15Mansai ShirdarKirtan Yoga
11amSaba MandniVinyasa
12:15Christine McNallyAshtanga
1:30Paul HardimanPartner Yoga
3pmSaibh EganDynamic Flow
4:00Fiona McDonaghSound Healing Gong Bath
5:00EveryoneGroup Photo
Room 2 Schedule
11amJasminder BahiaEmbracing the Bhagavad Gita with Cultural Sensitivity and Awareness
12:15Elaine HallBreath Work & Vinyasa
1:30Mansai ShirdarJourney Through the Chakras with Anatomy
3pmEimear LearyYin Yoga
4:00Helen SuttonHatha
Room 3 Schedule
11amKelly Marie MillsAyruveda
12:15Lokesh JoshiMindfulness, Spirituality & Science
1:30Colette DorisYoga Nidra
3pmDaryl BelmourInjury Awareness and Recovery
4:00Aisling ReidySomatic Yoga

Also at the Festival

Chair Massage, Sports Therapy, Acupressure
Catering by The Secret Garden
Beside beautiful nature walks and Barna Woods

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Venue: Knocknacarra Community Center:  Open Street Map  ·  Google Map  ·  Apple Maps

Aisling Reidy

Somatic Yoga

Aisling will teach a class that connects yoga movement and breath with the nervous system, trauma and psychotherapy. The aim is to tune into your body in a way that allows you to feel any emotional processes and to work towards healthy regulation on a mental, physical, emotional and facial level. This understanding incorporates the trauma work of Peter Levine and Babette Rothschild, Somatic therapy by Deb Dana and polyvagal theory by Stephen Porges.

Aisling has over 20 years experience working in and studying mental and physical health. She did her first yoga teacher training in the Himalayas in 2003. Aisling runs an ITEC recognised yoga teacher training college in Galway called Optimum Health. She also has an MA in Psychotherapy, Post Graduate Diploma in Supervision & Reflective Practice, Post Graduate training in Jungian Psychology & Art therapy and Mindfulness facilitation training. She is a qualified Nutritionist, Sports Injury Therapist, Masseuse and Reflexologist. She has done lots of extra training including - Internal Family Systems, Group therapy, Train the trainer, Trauma work with Babette Rothschild, Motivational Interviewing, Couples Therapy, Death Doula and Birth Doula.

Aisling is a lecturer and supervisor who also has own private psychotherapy and supervision practice in Galway City. She is a member of IAHIP, ICP & IACP, ITEC accredited college.

Paul Hardiman

Partner Yoga

Paul will teach a fun and uplifting class that connects people as they go through various yoga poses in a playful, enjoyable and social way.

Paul has been practicing yoga since 1994. With a marital arts background he shifted his focus to yoga after being introduced to it by Katrina. He continued his practice of yoga in Los Angeles in a variety of styles having fun with teachers Steve Ross and Kathryn Budig, eventually leading to his teacher training with Yogaworks in Santa Monica under the guidance of Malachi Melville, Birgitte Kristen, Anne Van Valkenburg and Colleen Garrity.

His yoga is inspired by the classical Ashtanga, Iyengar and Viniyoga schools, all in the lineage of Krishnamacharya complemented by Alan Finger’s deep knowledge of meditation and the subtle body. He has expanded his interests to Thai Yoga Massage and his classes tend to be strong and energetic with a Qi Gong influence, and always with a light hearted approach.

Jasminder Bahia (UK)

Embracing the Bhagavad Gita with Cultural Sensitivity and Awareness

Jasminder Bahia, a seasoned Psychologist, EMDR Therapist, and Yoga Nidra Teacher Trainer, brings over twenty years of experience to Galway Yoga Festival. In a special 45-minute session, she will marry the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita with the tranquil practices of Yoga Nidra, demonstrating their power in regulation of the nervous system. With her roots in Sikhism and Indian Yoga philosophy, meditation, mantras, and more than 16 years as a student of Zen, Jasminder offers a deeply integrative experience in her session 'Roots of our Practice'. This is a perfect opportunity to discover how ancient teachings can enhance self-regulation and bring peace.

Jasminder Bahia's unique approach unites the fields of psychology and yoga, emphasising an inclusive, decolonised, and trauma-informed method for nurturing the nervous system. Her early life was immersed in Sikh spiritual practices, which deeply influence her work today. Having started her yoga studies and journey with Classical Hatha in India back in 2003, Jasminder expanded her repertoire to include Pranayama, Yoga Nidra, Restorative Yoga, and Vinyasa Flow. By 2011, she was leading yoga teacher trainings, driven by her mission to make yoga accessible to all.

Jasminder blends neuroscience with the spiritual facets of yoga to create holistic wellness experiences. Her expertise in EMDR showcases her commitment to using neuroscientific principles to assist trauma recovery. www.bahiayoga.com

Kelly Marie Mills


Kelly Marie will teach a class on the complex system of Ayurveda. She has a wonderful ability to make her classes light hearted and easy to understand and follow in a way that helps everyone to develop their understanding of themselves from an ayurvedic perspective.

Kelly Marie Mills is a Contemporary Yoga teacher using Hatha & Raja yoga combined with Ayurveda. She is located in Clarinbridge, Galway. Behind her voice and over 25 years of personal experience, is a traditional science that will support anyone seeking the gifts of alternative medicine, for whatever reason. Ayurveda and Yoga combined are the ancient blends of Soulful wellness. You won’t find a more tried and tested science than this.

Ayurveda and Yoga with Kelly lead you on a Soulful journey to your own natures rhythm. Kelly Marie works intuitively and according to the traditional sciences of Yoga and Ayurveda with the aim of long term effective change in our busy world. Over time, she aims to give each student skills to find relief from the ‘busy-ness’ and draining effects of modern living. Her focus incorporates how to breathe for the best benefit on the nervous system. Breathing correctly also brings balance to the mind, emotions and our natural decision-making power.

Lokesh Joshi

Mindfulness, Spirituality & Science

Lokesh will speak on the importance of spiritual practice and mindfulness. In particular, on finding stillness, clarity and a sense of purpose in meeting the demands of modern day life.

Prof. Lokesh Joshi is an academic researcher and an entrepreneur, and also maintains a strong sense of spirituality. Born in India, he trained and worked in the UK, USA and Ireland. His scientific work delves into the intricate communication between cells at molecular level, exploring the mysteries of various disease processes. As the founder of a biotech company, Aquila Bioscience, he champions innovative, eco-friendly approaches to managing infectious diseases, aligning with his commitment to health and environmental stewardship.

Rooted in a spiritual lineage, Prof. Joshi practices meditation and nurtures a continuous spiritual curiosity. His unique perspective bridges the realms of science and spirituality, investigating the molecular and biochemical connections between mind and matter. Passionate about promoting mindfulness, he co-founded Mindfulway Galway at the University of Galway, fostering a culture of mindful-awareness in higher education.

Saibh Egan

Dynamic Flow

Join us for an invigorating yoga class with Saibh, a local instructor known for her fun, caring, and open approach. Saibh brings a rich blend of authentic techniques and contemporary styles to her practice.

Experience a dynamic flow set to an energizing playlist that perfectly complements each movement, creating a seamless rhythm that will keep you motivated and engaged. Believing in the importance of finding balance, she thoughtfully blends elements of yin yoga into every class, ensuring a harmonious mix of active sequences and restful, meditative poses.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced yogi, this class offers something for everyone, blending great music, uplifting beats, and fluid sequences. Don't miss this opportunity to practice with a teacher who genuinely cares about her students' well-being and personal growth. Come for the yoga, stay for the community. All levels welcome!

Mansai Shirdar

Kirtan Yoga

Manasi is a Yoga Teacher, Educator and Mentor. Born and raised in India, she has been teaching and guiding yoga students and teachers for over 8 years in the UK & Ireland. Her offerings are based on simplicity and authenticity and focus on making this ancient path of Yoga as a way of life and accessible to all. “I believe that yoga goes beyond the physical. Its values and philosophy can be embodied by everyone to lead a fulfilling life”.

As a mum of 2, Bray is currently her home. She is building a community for Yoga Asana & meditation classes, Kirtan evenings and various workshops and teacher trainings where people can learn as well as connect with each other from their hearts.

Manasi’s mantra is: The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. – M K Gandhi

Christine McNally


Christine is a dedicated Ashtanga practitioner who will lead a fast paced, deep and energetic yoga class for those of you who are keen to push themselves and do a strong yoga class.

Christine attended her first yoga class in 2001 during her final year in college. After graduating, she moved to Spain where she started classes in meditation and tried a variety of styles of yoga. This is where she was first introduced to ashtanga yoga and found it to be the most effective way for her to quieten her mind. She moved back to Ireland in 2011 and started her teaching career at An Seomra Yoga in Galway. She now lives in Limerick, where she has been teaching yoga full time for over 10 years. She has travelled to India 4 times to practice ashtanga and has also trained in several different styles of yoga.

Daryl Belmore

Fundamentals of Yoga Movement

Daryl will focus his class on the basic alignment and gradual movement into and out of poses in a way that supports the body and prevents injury.

Daryl is a yoga teacher who started his career in health and wellness by qualifying to be a fitness instructor in 2001. He is also a highly skilled martial artist. In 2002 he qualified as a massage therapist, and then went on to study sports injuries. spending time training and treating various teams. His expert treatments include a luxurious deep massage, reflexology, sports massage & more.

He teaches regular classes in Athlone and Ballinasloe, as well as workshops around the country. His style is very laid back and breaks everything down into simple and easy to understand classes. Working with the basic fundamentals and using a baby steps approach to teaching. Incorporating all the different styles and ideas he has learned over the years to improve our functionality and wellbeing.

Eimear Leary

Yin Yoga

Discover the transformative power of Yin Yoga and embark on a journey toward holistic health and wellness. With a warm and uplifting teaching style, Eimear inspires her students to listen to their bodies and cultivate a deeper sense of self-awareness. Whether you're new to yoga or an experienced practitioner, Eimear’s classes offer a welcoming space to unwind, heal, and rejuvenate.

Eimear O’Leary is a dedicated Yoga teacher of Yin (80YTT), Hatha and Vinyasa (600YTT) and Athletes (28YTT). She is a registered public health nurse and avid runner who brings a holistic approach to health and wellness. With well over a decade of experience in nursing and a lifelong passion for fitness, Eimear understands the profound connection between body, mind, and spirit. Her journey into yoga began as a personal quest for injury prevention and balance and has since evolved into a deep passion for mind-body awareness , functional mobility, rest and recovery.

Saba Madani

Vinyasa Flow Style

Saba will teach a vinyasa class combining deep movement and flow.

Saba Madani is a certified yoga trainer with an ITEC Diploma. With over 18 years of personal practice and 6 years of teaching experience, she is dedicated to guiding her students through the transformative practice of Vinyasa yoga. Her journey into yoga began as a personal quest to slow down and connect with her body, using breath as a tool for mindfulness. Yoga has helped her to be present in her body and find peace in her mind, she is passionate about sharing this message with others.

Saba’s approach to yoga is rooted in the philosophy of achieving tranquility by being present in the body. She offers classes for all levels, incorporating Vinyasa flows and breathing practices. For Saba, yoga is more than just a physical practice; it is a way to achieve inner peace and mindfulness. Saba would like to invite you to join her on this journey and experience the transformative power of yoga. Namaste.

Elaine Hall

Vinyasa Flow and Breath Work

Elaine will use her expertise as a respiratory physiotherapist and yoga teacher to work with deep breath and lung support while doing a vinyasa flow yoga class.

Elaine has an extensive background in health and wellbeing initially training as a clinical Pilates teacher but more recently she completed a diploma in Yoga teaching in 2017. She has a keen interest in sport and enjoys teaching a vinyasa style yoga to help develop strength, flexibility and mobility to promote injury prevention.

Her yoga teaching has been complimented by her current role as a respiratory physiotherapist where breathing techniques are central to helping improve patients quality of life when living with chronic lung conditions. She will share some of these breathing techniques and their impact along side her vinyasa class.

Fiona McDonnagh

Sound Bath and Sound Healing

Fiona's fascination with sound and its healing properties began over a decade ago when she attended her very first sound bath meditation. The profound experience left an indelible mark on her, inspiring her to delve into the world of sound therapy and its transformative potential. Recognizing the power of sound, she embarked on a journey to become a facilitator.

Over the years, Fiona's sound bath meditations have taken her all over Ireland. From the yoga studios to community halls, nursing homes to primary schools. Fiona has shared her offerings with individuals in a 1-1 session, to larger groups with over a hundred participants.

Fiona's family of instruments has evolved and grown alongside her journey. She uses Tibetan Singing Bowls, crystal singing bowls, chimes, gongs, drums, plus other instruments. She has honed her skills in creating harmonious compositions, each session is unique, with no set piece, always new. Her sessions are not only about the music but also about creating a sacred space for self-discovery and healing. Fiona's warm and empathetic presence, combined with her musical expertise, fosters an environment where participants can immerse themselves in the therapeutic sounds and find inner peace. Remember that individual experiences with sound bath meditation can vary, and is not recommended for those with auditory epilepsy, let Fiona know if you are in early stages of pregnancy.

Helen Sutton


Helen has a gentle and kind approach to her teaching. She will teach a Hatha class that is suitalbe for all levels. She combines breathwork with slow and deep stretching as she moves from posture to posture there is enough time to really sink into each pose before moving on.

Helen is from Ceann agus Croi-Yoga with Helen. She discovered yoga while in search of an outlet to improve her mental, spiritual and physical wellness after an illness. The very first time she touched her mat she fell in love with not only the asana practice but the values and virtues found in yoga as well. She completed her 200 hour teacher training through Optimum Health in Galway. This really changed her life in the most positive way. Helen went on to complete her Certificate in Teaching Yoga for The Stages Of Menopause with Niamh Daly - Yinstinct Yoga which has helped her teach in a safe, inclusive and menopause supportive manner:

Helen teach mainly Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga in Galway. She loves teaching Yoga and feels so privileged to meet so many wonderful people who practice with her 🧘‍♀️

Colette Doris

Yoga Nidra

Colette will teach a guided meditation class to help bring the participant to a place of deep rest and rejuvenation.

Collette is a Yoga Teacher, living in Mountshannon, Co Clare. She runs the Mountain Studio where she teaches yoga to groups, couples and one to one. She is also a practicing Life Coach with Neuroscience.

Colette's interest in the connection between Head, Heart and Gut, through 30 years of teaching, has led her to run hour long Yoga Nidra sessions, allowing rejuvenation and release, to bring greater health to the whole person as well as lessening anxiety and improving sleep. She welcomes everyone to join with her in this practice.

Mick Heron

Massage, Sports Therapy, Acupressure, Shiatsu

Mick specialises in soft tissue release using a combination of many therapies including neuro muscular therapy, shiatsu and acupuncture. These have blended into his own particular style which has been shaped over a 25 year career. Mick has spent many years training in acupuncture, shiatsu and yoga. His business name aTensionSeeker.ie explains it all.

For the yoga festival he is offering chair massage. This is a corporate favourite for an instant de-stress. Release neck and shoulder tension and feel yourself relax back into your body. At 15 minutes it’s short but sweet! To book in advance please see the below link:

Booking link: Click Here

Secret Garden


The Secret Garden will provide catering on the day, in the canteen on the first floor.