Pregnancy, Mum & Baby Info…

Pregnancy information on line:

A wonderful lady (Amy) in my pregnancy yoga and Mum and Baby Yoga class put together this lovely selection of alternative pages that have so much information on pregnancy, birth and so much more, enjoy : )
Thanks Amy Taylor…

General Health stuff (way more than just mama stuff! excellent for recommending herbs etc, and recipes for cosmetics and everything really! ( (ready for the baby!) (absolutely fantastic network of people from all backgrounds who will help with all healthy unprocessed food questions!) kefir grains and other starter cultures sharing community

This is a useful seeming booklet for mums for acupressure during labour and this is a handy youtube clip to watch along side it

Also, This is a lovely looking baby led weaning blog, but loads of these recipes look like delicious adult food too!!

Movie on pressure points for pain

Mum and Baby and Pregnancy Stuff (Homemade ‘laborade’ recipe which I will put to the test and get back to you about!)

Remedies for gas and reflux:

Mothercare tutorials:

Helpful parenting info:
And Ive got a nice book called ‘A mindful Pregnancy’ by Andi Puddicombe who runs the infamous Headspace app. They have some really nice mindfulness youtube clips and animations.

Here is some information on slings and other things that babies wear:
They sell natural and organic baby stuff, and they’re Irish! (for local sling meetups) (babywearing support and chat) (babywearing for sale or trade) (baby led weaning) (Galway city breastfeeding Cuidiu) (Brilliant page..lots of competitions and giveaways for cloth items, and great way to discover local WAHM (work at home mums) who make cloth items!) (cloth bums, fluffy advice and chat) (mama cloth chat group, for cloth sanitary pads etc) (PreLoved cloth Nappies FSOT (For Sale Or Trade)
 (Terry Square Love- this ones British so some of the advice is useless) (Cloth nappy library Ireland- great for nappy loans and trial kits, also for advice and links to sellers, youtube demos, etc) (Not sure what the difference is between these two pages!) (This is their website)
There are loads and loads of WAHMs making cloth nappies and other mum and baby stuff, easily found on facebook, for example funki fleece, sweetlavenderandchiliflakes, becky’s bappies, bumptobeyond, fluffybumsireland, the list is endless! (english cloth nappy sales, but excellent for nappy advice!)