Join Me in a Summer Juice Detox

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After a fun filled summer, eating all around me. I have started juicing to get a high quality of nutrients in my body, before I start to do some Autumn cleansing. I am doing a five day juice detox and would welcome anyone who would like to join me : )


Yummy Juice

In the morning I am having a heaped tablespoon of organic Molasses diluted in some boiling water, added to a tablespoon of Spirullina seaweed and then cooled with cold water. I know its not the most appetising and the picture shows that it can be a little rough. However, this is a wonderful start to the day, a jam packed nutritious feast. (Particularly good for vegetarians – high in B vitamins, Zinc, Iron, Calcium, Magnesium and much much more)

Yummy Juice

I quickly follow this with an ABC – Apple (2), Beetroot (1) and Carrot (4) juice. You can add some ginger to this if you like (ginger is great for the circulation). This juice is also incredibly good for you, if not one of the best juices. Its high nutrient content makes it a must and beetroot is renowned for its blood cleansing properties.

Yummy Juice

Lunch is accompanied with a smoothie made from grapes, pears and strawberries.

Dinner is accompanied with a juice of green apples (4), cucumber (½), kiwis (4) and lime (1/3)

My diet is gentler this week, avoiding sugars, chemicals, toxins, etc. I am basically eating fruit, veg, grains, nuts, seeds, pulses and eggs.

Yummy Juice

NOTE – always remember to clean your juicer as soon as you have finished making it and before you drink. Its done in seconds, but if you leave it till later, will take an age to clean.

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