Galway Yoga Festival, September 10th 2017

Knocknacarra Community Center

9:30am – 6pm

Nourish your mind, body and soul with a host of different kinds of yoga from the absolute beginners to advanced, to deeply spiritual, to mindfulness and meditation.  From an evening of embodiment and movement medicine to breathing techniques.  From wild and free to calm and content and back again.  In a location surrounded by the beautiful trees and nature of Barna woods, with massage & holistic therapy available on site.  This is not a festival to be missed. We are bringing together a bunch of absolutely amazing teachers to share their knowledge and wisdom for this one day festival.  There will be a variety of yoga styles coming from traditions based in the North & South of India.  Including Hatha yoga, Ashtanga, Flow, Gentle, Partner, Kundalini, Gong Baths, Ayurveda, Mindfulness & neuro-plasticity, meditation, chanting & much more.  Some of the teachers include Paul & Katrina Hardiman from “An Seomra Yoga” (Galway), Emma Mooney teaches Flow Yoga, Linda Marting teaching Kundalini, Aisling Reidy from “Optimum Health” bringing an awareness of mindfulness and psychotherapy to the practice and much more.  Extras include a funky dance workshop, gong baths, Ayurveda and more.

Image courtesy of Shawn Perez under license.

Over the course of the day there will be 11 different classes/workshops and there is something for everyone.

Knocknacarra Community centre and park is in a beautiful location in West Galway City beside the stunning Barna Woods, giving you a sense of being away from it all, immersed in nature.  There are huge & beautiful trees, expansive green areas and an all encompassing sense of being in nature. This retreat is a fantastic getaway to relax the mind, awaken the heart, restore and rejuvenate the body.

Due to weather considerations, we will have many of the workshops inside.  However, if we can some of the classes will be held in the park and everyone is free to have a walk or sit and meditate in the woods or park at any time before, during or after the festival.


Katrina Hardiman: Has been teaching yoga for many years and has studied Yin, Iyengar, Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Kundalini, Ashtanga and Pre-natal Yoga throughout Los Angeles but mainly in Yoga Works, Santa Monica and Sacred Movement in Venice. Her teaching style bares the imprint of this wide range of yoga studied over the years. Her classes have a strong emphasis on the breath and allowing the breath to guide the practice safely to a more supple and strong body and calm mind.

Aisling Reidy: Has been teaching yoga for over 15 years, having trained initially in India.  She is a fully qualified sports injury therapist, nutritionist, psychotherapist, mindfulness practitioner and much more.  Aisling runs recognised qualifications in Yoga teacher training, sports massage, massage, nutrition & counselling. With twenty years of meditation and practice, she brings an awareness of all her studies, practice and experience to her classes and sees yoga as a meditation in motion, focusing on the breath and the therapeutic aspect of the movements.

Oran Canavan: Founder practitioner of Ayurveda Galway, Orna has spent years studying in the UK, India and Sri Lanka and has participated in internships with Dr. Vasant Lad and Dr Sucheta Godbole in Pune, and has spent two winters working in retreat centres in Goa. She gained a deep understanding of Ayurvedic herbs while working for an organic ayurvedic herbal company in UK Orna is the tutor for their distance learning course ‘An Introduction to Ayurveda’.BA (Hons) Ayurvedic Studies, Dip. Ayurvedic Medicine, Certificate in Ayurvedic massage (International Institute of Ayurveda) & ITEC distinction in Anatomy, Physiology & Massage.

Paul Hardiman:  Has been practicing yoga since 1994.  With a marital arts background he shifted his focus to yoga after being introduced to it by Katrina. He continued his practice of yoga in Los Angeles in a variety of styles having fun with teachers Steve Ross and Kathryn Budig, eventually leading to his teacher training with Yogaworks in Santa Monica under the guidance of Malachi Melville, Birgitte Kristen, Anne Van Valkenburg and Colleen Garrity. His yoga is inspired by the classical Ashtanga, Iyengar and Viniyoga schools, all in the lineage of Krishnamacharya complemented by Alan Finger’s deep knowledge of meditation and the subtle body.  He has expanded his interests to Thai Yoga Massage and his classes tend to be strong and energetic with a Qi Gong influence, and always with a light hearted approach.

Linda Martin:  Has been teaching Kundalini yoga for several years and will do a five session course over the three days on Compassion based yoga.  You can either enter all five workshops and follow the flow of this style or you can come to one class and still get the benefits from the practice.

Eilis O’Regan:  Began her journey with Ashtanga nearly 14 years ago. Initially she was mesmerised by the physical benefits of yoga, such as strength and flexibility – it took time and awareness to reap the subtle benefits from a regular yoga practice.  Eilis practice’s Mysore-style Ashtanga yoga.  Eilis has been teaching for ten years.  She teach’s Ashtanga led and Mysore classes, restorative/gentle classes based on the Ashtanga primary series and principles to suit all ages and abilities.

Liz Lynott:   Yoga Nidra or ‘yogic sleep’ is a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping. This is a powerful meditation technique involving all the senses. One of the easiest yoga practices to develop and maintain.

Sinéad McKiernan Sinéad has been practicing Yoga for over 10 years. She studied her teacher training in India and she is a registered teacher with Yoga Alliance. She has studied Meditation, Mindfulness, Pranayama , Philosophy and Nutrition.  She has completed her Pregnancy Yoga Teacher training and extra online training with Sadie Nardini, Noah Maze & Erin Motz.

Emma Mooney It’s the spiritual aspect of yoga that has motivated Emma to deepen her practice since she took her first first yoga course in 2001 in Dublin’s Buddhist Centre. Over the course of these years Emma discovered the invaluable benefits that yoga offers the mind, body, spirit and soul and is extremely grateful for this practice. She has participated in many retreats in various countries such as India, Thailand, France and the UK. She complete her 250 hour yoga teacher training in July 2015 with Samadhi and is now enjoying the life long journey that yoga offers.

Tina HannonTina is trained in somatic movement and dance.  For those of you who love to dance, we will create nights to remember with music and dance from all over the globe.  Using dance as a meditation, somatic movement awareness, and also a space to let go and connect to the beat.

Secret Garden Cafe: Are here to tantalise your tastebuds and fill you with delicious cakes and energy balls.  Mara is also doing her special Tea ceremonies for those who would like to book in advance.



Massage: Mick Herron –  with over fifteen years experience in Acupuncture, Physical Therapy, Sports Massage, Shiatsu, Inidan Head Massage.  Mick has dedicated his life to studying the body, health & a variety of sports from yoga training to triathlons and even cross fit.  He has a deep knowledge of the body and gives a variety massage styles

Massage: Daryl Belmore –  started his career in health and wellness by qualifying to be a fitness instructor in 2001. In 2002 he qualified as a massage therapist, and then went on to study sports injuries. spending time training and treating various teams. From 2005 he started to work full time in the spa industry and has over 11 years experience working as a senior therapist, trainer and eventually spa manager.  His expert treatments include a luxurious deep massage, reflexology, sports massage and much more.

Kinesiology: Des Richmond – is a mindfulness coach, law of attraction coach and a Kinesiologist for over ten years. He works with clients to help them remove their mental and emotional blocks to success and happiness. He is dedicated to a create your own reality approach and how to develop and improve your life on all levels.  He is an inspired teacher and coach & an informed therapist.  He will do a variety of talks aswell as one to one sessions over the weekend.

Woodland Walks: There are beautiful grounds, trees and nature in Barna woods and knocknacarra park.  There is also silver strand beech very close by.

Date: 10th September 2017 Cost: 80€ for the full day.  There is a special offer until July 26th of 65€ for early bird tickets. Unfortunately spaces are limited. Location: Knocknacarra Community Centre and Park, West Galway City.

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Parking / Bus Timetable

Parking is shared with public amenities so spaces are limited. We advise Galway residents to take the bus when possible. We may set up a Facebook group for carpooling closer to the event.

City Direct bus company (Not Bus Eireann) stops right outside the building every half hour. 411 is the route/bus number.

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Venue: Knocknacarra Community Center, Galway