Yoga Teacher Training Graduation June 2018

Another successful yoga training course. Congratulations to all students for passing with flying colours. Ireland/Europe/The World has fifteen more amazing yoga teachers than it had a few days ago! Best of luck with your journeys.

30 Minute Mindfulness Meditation

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This was recorded as part of a mindfulness training session ran by Optimum Health in Galway. Trainings are run regularly and you can contact me via this site or by phone to enrol.

Yoga for the lower back especially with exercise

In this video I go through some important stretches for people who workout, regardless of your level. Yoga is quickly being adopted by sports professionals and fitness folks at all levels.

Free Meditation – Body Scan

This meditation is a variation on the Heaviness in the Body meditation (also available below). Body Scan – with music Body Scan – no music

Yoga Footsteps

I had the pleasure of meeting Clair Carter from recently. Clair interviewed me about my history with yoga and the article can be read here

Free Meditations – Heaviness in the Body

The body is a great tool to ground the mind with. Whether you want to just unwind your mind, improve your sleep quality or clear the decks mentally so you can work more effectively, my meditations are created to take you there.   Heaviness in the Body – with music Heaviness in the Body – … Read more

Post Workout Yoga Routine for Athletes

Whatever your sport, maintaining your body is vital so you can sustain your activity over time. Athletes have been discovering the benefits of yoga as part of their strategy for some time now. Here is the yoga routine I use to keep my body in condition so I can a maintain higher level of physical … Read more

Yoga Training and Sports

As my background is in sports as much as it is in yoga, I’ve worked with both athletes and trainers to improve their regime and get better outcomes. In this video I talk about the growing trend in athletes and training using yoga to their advantage.