Indian Head Massage Course

Trained masseuse giving indian head massage
Indian head Massage is a series of massage techniques found in many ancient cultures around the world. In India, the massage has been used often daily as part of the grooming process for thousands of years. The health benefits include a deep and calming effect on the head that allows the person to completely relax.
The massage involves firm and gentle stokes on the neck, head and face which not only releases tension in these muscles but also improves circulation, enhances the senses and often helps clear the mind.
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Indian Head Massage training course

[list_item]Cost:[/list_item]200E (160E Early Bird) for the course[list_item]Time:[/list_item]10am – 4:30pm[list_item]Venue:[/list_item]Salthill, Galway
[list_item]Date:[/list_item] 11/03/18[list_item]Duration:[/list_item]One full day. Also included is a one evening refresher (date to be agreed on by participants).
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Course details

On the course you will learn how to do each of the techniques for a complete Indian Head Massage of the neck, shoulders, face and head, from sitting and lying down. You will learn about contraindications to head massage, about oil, and some basic anatomy. You will give and receive at least one treatment on the day.
There will be another evening which we will pick together, when everyone is available to just have a quick run through the moves and answer any questions that may have arisen for people on the training.
There will be space for questions and answers throughout and I am happy to help in anyway with any queries a student may have.

Students will both give and receive massage as part of their training.

Who should do this training:
This course is suitable for anyone who wants to learn about Indian Head Massage to use on friends or family, or just to experience and learn the process in a deeper way. It is also perfect for anyone who is already working in the health profession and has good knowledge of anatomy, this can can then be an add on to their work. For anyone who has not got a diploma or degree in Anatomy and Physiology, they will not be able to get insurance to work with head massage from this course and a deeper, longer course is required.

The technique can be performed with or without oils. When training you will give and receive Head Massage