Galway Yoga Classes at Optimum Health, Ardilaun Hotel, Salthill

Our classes are easily accessible from Salthill, Taylor’s Hill, Knocknacarra and Galway city.

Regular Yoga Courses

Hatha yoga classes are a balance between a strong and a gentle yoga class, we hold the stretches for some time to get deeper into them. Each week we focus on a different area of the body, so the classes vary from week to week.  At the beginning of each class we do a few minutes of breathing techniques and a little guided relaxation at the end to gain as much as possible the benefits of yoga.  For more details call 0876722395.

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8 Weeks: €80

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Pregnancy Yoga

Public booking is unavailable for Pregnancy Yoga. For private or group bookings, please get in touch.

Having given birth from home, worked through my pregnancy and trained & worked as a Doula (birthing partner), I feel a strong desire to support pregnant women and mothers.

This is a deeply relaxing and gentle class for mothers to connect with their bodies, their breath and their babies and can be taken at any stage of the pregnancy. You can read more about the benefits of pregnancy yoga.

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Mother and Baby Yoga

Public booking is unavailable for Mother and Baby Yoga. For private or group bookings, please get in touch.

I have been teaching a mother and baby yoga courses at the Ardilaun for several years. This is an easy going class for young babies and todlers. Classes give the mother a chance to do some physical stretches that help realign and strengthen the body after birth.

It also gives space for the children to play with eachother, to do yoga with the mother or to watch the class.

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Strong Yoga Course

Strong, fast, deep yoga class. Not for beginners but for those looking for a tough class to strengthen and increase flexibility & endurance to get the maximum benefits of yoga. For more details call 0876722395.

8 Weeks: €80

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Gentle Yoga

Suited to people who need to move gently and carefully or are looking for a very slow, meditative movement. A relaxing class.
8 Weeks: €80

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Yoga Teacher Training

Not only will you qualify as a teacher but you will also gain a deeper mental, physical, emotional and spiritual awareness & development for yourself and in your life, which is invaluable. See here for Benefits of yoga. For more details call 0876722395.

1 Year: Call for pricing and payment options


I have been teaching yoga for over fifteen years, practicing it for nearly twenty and have studied with a huge variety of people and styles all over Ireland and India. I have taught in other countries on retreats, like Egypt, Spain and London. And my experience varies from teaching people that are super fit to having intellectual disabilities, kids, OAP's, mum & baby, pregnancy and more. I can cater to the needs of the individual especially with my background in sports injury therapy and I feel comfortable working with everyone. I have completed many qualifications which can be viewed here. As a Yoga teacher, I more see my role as that of a map or a sign-post guiding people on their journey as they rediscover their relationship with their own bodies and minds.