Counselling Training

Counselling Training at Optimum Health, Galway


This comprehensive course gives a good insight into the counseling world. There is a recognised qualification and exam at completion. On this course you will learn:

– The key elements of psychodynamic theory
– Sigmund Freud & id/ego/super ego
– Defence mechanisms
– Unconscious past experiences i.e. childhood,Taboos, Dreams, Symbols, Transference, Counter-transference
– C G Jung dream interpretation, Myths symbols and themes, Analytical theory
– Alfred Adler dream interpretation, Human motivation
– Melanie Klein, Personality theory
– The keyelements of person-centred theory
– Carl Rogers, Person-centred approach, Self actualisation tendency, Right conditions for growth, Organismic self, The propositions, The Core conditions
– CBT, cognitive-behavioural theory, Operant/classical conditioning, Cognition, Irrational thoughts/beliefs, Positive thinking, Learned behaviour, Goal setting
– Role of the therapist, Role of the client, Professional focus, Outcome measures
– Know the significance of counselling theory
– Identify own values and beliefs, Personal values, Personal beliefs – Personal constructs
– How values and beliefs could have an effect on helping relationships, Empathy, Prejudice, Discriminatory/non-discriminatory behaviour, Prejudice, Nationality, Ethnicity, Religion, Gender, Culture, Social class, Age, Disability
– Sexual orientation, Marital status, Special learning/assessment arrangements, Learning style
– Employment status
– Physical/mental health
– Educational background
– Difference
– Lifestyle choice, Image, Accent, Voice, Personal presentation, Stereotyping, Injustice, Unfairness, Upbringing, Vulnerability
– Identify own motivation for helping others
– Identify own blocks to listening and learning
– Personal motives, Professional motives, Personal/professional experiences
– benefits of giving and receiving feedback for personal development, Constructive feedback, Self-awareness, Opportunity for change, Effective communication
and more

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