Yoga Training Graduation May 2022

Congratulations to this fun, hard working and gorgeous group. I’m really proud their creativity shown throughout the course. You all got exceptionally high marks and will be great yoga teachers.

Yoga Training Graduation May 2021

We started our training outside and we finished our training outside, with a chunk of Zoom and a little training indoors. It was a big ask, but we got through it and even the examiner was impressed with how great these guys were considering the restrictions during COVID. Huge congrats to a wonderful and inspiring … Read more

Yoga training Graduation September 2020

This weekend we finally got to conclude two yoga teacher trainings that went from in-person to online and back again. Two wonderful groups that moved mountains on the training by learning new systems and ways of communicating and managed to work through all the challenges that COVID brought us. They all did incredibly well through … Read more

Compassion Meditation

mindfulness galway

Here is a 17-minute compassion meditation for you to try. Compassion is increasingly the subject of research and many benefits which are vital to our wellbeing have been discovered. Research has shown that the areas of our brains that are affected when an event happens to us are also affected by our own thoughts, feelings … Read more

Sun Salutations [VIDEO]

Yoga Instructor demonstrating the cobra posture

Sun and moon salutations. I hope you enjoy these stretches and if you see posts further down you can do the stretches for the lower back or follow some guided meditations. Please be mindful not to overextend or push yourself. Do these gently and if you have any issues please check in with a sports … Read more

Yoga Teacher Training Graduates – October 2019

Graduation photo of Yoga Teacher Training in Galway

Another wonderful group of graduates: it’s been a pleasure to teach all of you. The 2019 Yoga Teacher Training has completed and Optimum Health wishes heartfelt congratulations to all our students. Best of luck to all of you in the future!

Massage training 2019

Congratulations to the latest group of now qualified massage practitioners.  It was enjoyable working with you and I’m sure you’ll all go on to earn good reputations based on what I’ve seen over the year.  Best of luck

Yoga Teacher Training graduates – June 2019

Congratulations to the latest graduates, all of whom are now officially recognised yoga teachers. Whatever path you choose from here – whether in Galway, Ireland or beyond – may you find that what you’ve learned is beneficial to your lives as well as your work.