Training Courses at Optimum Health, Galway

All our courses are accredited by ITEC

This year I am teaching a variety of courses.  After nearly twenty years of study I am ready to start sharing some of the fascinating things that I have learned.  For those that are interested in how the body and mind works,its complexities and the wide variety of different methods to heal and manage it, then some of these courses might suit you.  The trainings that are on offer are:

Yoga Teacher Training


An in-depth study of the body, mind and spirit based on the ancient yogic teachings from India and the East and highly influenced by scientific facts and study from the West.  This highly detailed course will teach all the basics in yoga and as such, leave the student yoga teacher with a wide variety of tools and knowledge with which to create their future teaching.  For full details and to apply click here: click here.

Counselling Training


To understand the fundamental rational behind the term counseling.  The varieties and styles and approaches in this field.  The major influencing characters.  While also getting a stronger sense of self, looking at patterns and habits and how to work with them.  This is a short but full course suited to those with an interest in counseling, understanding themselves better, or wanting to do further training in the field.  You could not be a registered or insured counselor from this brief but informative course.  For full details and to apply click here.

Massage Training


Whether you want a career as a masseuse or want to learn about how to heal the body on a muscular level, this course will train you in a variety of massage styles.  The focus is on Swedish deep tissue massage, proper technique, anatomy and physiology.  However, we will also look at Indian head massage techniques, Thai massage, Shiatsu and some muscle release techniques.  For full details and to apply click here.

Nutrition Training


I have spent many years studying nutrition, pathology, a host of approaches, detoxes and cleanses.  This is a highly complex subject.  In this short course I will aim to give a broad foundation to nutrition and hopefully make sense of some of the confusions and difficulties that come along when people begin to look at their health or the health of others.  This course is suited to anyone who wants to learn about their own health, digestion, bodily systems and functions, or to learn about detoxing, cleansing and basic health. or someone looking to go further and train as a nutritionist.  For full details and to apply click here.