Nutrition Training

Learn about the structure and function of the organs and accessory organs of the digestive system, the process of absorption, the process by which food stuffs are broken down by the alimentary canal during the digestive process. Diseases and disorders of the Digestive system. The interrelationship of the digestive system with other systems of the body.

Learn about dietary requirements, the function of water in the diet, the effects of dehydration on the body. What is a calorie and a kilojoule.

Learn about carbohydrates, fats/lipids, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, refined and unrefined foods.

Learn about the dietary/nutritional value of certain foods.

Learn about common anti-nutrients, Environmental pollutants, the digestion of gluten and the various disorders which may be associated with it.

Learn about dairy intolerance, nut intolerance, the possible side effects of additives, obesity, Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa, Hypoglycaemia, Diabetes and ‘common ailments’ related to nutritional imbalance.

Learn about the role of probiotics, the importance of regular meals and guidelines for eating.

The course is run over three weekends in Galway City and costs 350€

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Nutrition Consultation

Nutritional consultation to help deal with gut and digestive issues, colonics, cleanses, detoxes, fatigue, brain fog, liver, lymphatic, circulatory, healthy balance, awareness and more.

Get detailed and personalised information to help you with whatever element of health or digestion that you require.

One to sessions offer a unique opportunity to really get a deeper understanding of your own body system and simple but effective ways that you can improve it.

Have added support when doing particular detoxes or specific dietary plans.

Consultations are available in Galway City
Cost 50€ per hour

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Ancient Yogic Cleanse in Galway (2 hours)

Not for the faint hearted, this cleanse is dedicated to those who want to take cleansing to a higher level. Originally an ancient yoga cleanse called “Shankhaprakshalana”.

It involves drinking a warm saline solution, with specific properties that encourage your body to cleanse your entire digestive tract from mouth to anus. This is combined with some yoga movements and the outcome is a cleaned and clear digestive tract (with a focus on the intestines).

As the body cleanses you feel lighter, brighter, clearer… For me personally, my skin becomes softer, my mind feels sharper, I feel lighter, loose weight, have much more energy and am just all round healthier. It is my absolute favorite cleanse, that I do twice a year (in India the sages recommend doing it twice a year).

The week after requires a strict diet of mainly just vegetables and grains as it will take time to allow the bowel to recover and to repopulate with lots of good bacteria and to heal from any minor past ailments that may have been there. Unfortunately you need to be in relatively good health for this cleanse and not to take it lightly. If you are interested, I will need extensive information about your current health and suitability for the cleanse.

There are also other more gentle cleanses available for those not suited to Shankhaprakshalana.

Date: 1st October, 15th October 2016 at 8am
The afternoon costs €50 and everything is provided on the day.

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